Corporate Philosophy

It is crucial for us to possess firm philosophy as commitment to our work at Transpro. Proactive in all our in endeavors, we all are self motivated team progressive and forward looking at all times.

Our progressiveness fires enthusiasm and resolution in all. Our undertakings and heading the government’s cell for more local participation projects is part of nationalistic contribution to our country.

Reliability is one of our important values, as we believe that we are able to meet all the demands of our clients. This is why we are also believed and trustworthiness is essential in ensuring all work is completed within the deadline and possessing the responsibility in delivering the highest quality product.

Disciplined and professional our dedication promises and organized approach towards our métier.

Scope of Activities

A local company with support from Malaysian company with 20 years experience in engineering projects and supplies, Transpro is able to offer clients specialized services in the following areas:

» Fiber optic Cable solution for Telecom Operator

Underground laying of OFC cable for Mobile operator like Vodafone, Railtel, Airtel, Aircel etc.

» A Fiber optic cabling system on live line

ADSS and OPGW stringing on live transmission line. We also provide a valuable preventive and corrective maintenance service that has seen tremendous quality, advantage to the clients. Whilst focusing on growth and expansion, the exiting network maintained to perform optimally.

» Microwave Tower Projects

We have wide experience in the erection and commissioning of telecommunication microwave tower.

» IT network Infrastructures, Cabling and Equipments installation.